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Data protection with Desknow

DeskNow is a trademark of DeskNow GmbH, a German company (Imprint). Data protection is an underestimated commodity and we respect and value the protection of personal data to the utmost, therefore we constantly strive to fully comply with the European GDPR regulations and in particular the GDPR regulations. These documents and links below describe our comprehensive program to not only comply with the law but to ensure the security of every DeskNow user's data. If you have additional questions about GDPR compliance, data security, and privacy rights, you can reach us at:


The cloud-based software solution we offer helps you, a company or organization, to digitize internal operational processes. For this purpose, we have created an order data processing agreement (AVV), which explains how we, as a data processor, process personal data on behalf of you, our customers.

Privacy by design

DeskNow protects your data and we attach great importance to the fact that our software is programmed that the rights of every user are protected as best as possible. Therefore, our software is built according to the guidelines of privacy by design (also called data protection by design), which are also specified in Art. 25 of the European GDPR. In plain language, this means that suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure data protection are already taken into account when determining the means of data processing. This results in some of our principles, which are also recorded in the ADVV.

  • Data minimization and pseudonymization

  • Data storage and processing within the EU

  • Data backup and encryption

  • Highest IT security standards

Order Processing

We use the following order data processing agreement (hereinafter AVV), in accordance with the provisions of the law. We have also ensured that we have the same GCUs in place with all of our partners to ensure full and complete data protection. Our GCU is signed with every client for whom we act as a contractor and is part of our agreement.

Our partners

Below you will find all our partners and the concluded GCUs. Due to the invalidation of the EU/US Privacy Shield, we process any personal data in the EU area. With our main infrastructure provider aws, we have also exclusively selected servers located in Frankfurt, Germany. Even after the Privacy Shield was declared invalid, the standard contractual clauses approved and regulated by the EU offer a level of data protection that corresponds to the GDPR. These clauses are anchored in the aws Data Processing Addendum, downloadable below.

Only in exceptional cases, when the provider landscape requires it, do we use providers outside the EU and ensure that personal data is never processed in a non-pseudonymised form.

Download DeskNow AVV

DeskNow is the market leader in the section of hybrid work and workspace management. Our goal is to revolutionize the world of work. 

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