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We make   HybridWork 


With DeskNow we started out of the Münsterland in 2020 to change the working world! Booking and renting offices is as easy as car sharing.


DeskNow is the market leader in the section of hybrid work and workspace management. Our goal is to revolutionize the world of work. 

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The idea came about when I was looking for a quick and easy solution for an additional workplace at the beginning of 2019. Regardless of which companies I asked, I always had to read and go through a lot of paperwork just to sign up for a single workspace. It was horror and completely outdated!

Since that time the idea was with me and I talked to a number of different people about it. One of them was Pavel. We met in an old gloomy hotel lobby in the middle of Dortmund at the end of 2019. What can I say... we, at that time just Pavel & me (Marius), discussed some past projects very briefly, exchanged crazy ideas and quickly realised we were onto something.... #BROMANCE TIME!

Shortly after in the same week we came to the conclusion: We will develop DeskNow and become the Airbnb for workplaces. #AMAZINGENERGY BOOST!


DEC 2020

We released our first version

How it started


The idea was born

JAN 2020

DeskNow GmbH was officially founded


We started with the first coworking spaces and pilot customers

Our concept for DeskNow was clear, the services associated with it grew day by day and since then, with a lot of passion and a few external programmers, we started to create a truly colossal platform.


On our journey we realised that DeskNow is more and without SideKick... a powerful asset management solution... it wouldn't work properly, it was the birth of PAM. #AMAZINGENERGY BOOST... AGAIN.


Then in December 2020, our software went live in a silent launch. It has been a very exciting and intensive journey so far and we are very happy that our baby is getting better every day and that we can convince more and more customers of our idea.

Our mission

We make "Work Where You Want" available to everyone, worldwide.


#Family #Humanity

We are a family, and we take care of each other.

We are the family you want to be part of and this is a great gift. It is important to us that everyone feels valued, trusted and supported in the right way. We treat everyone with the utmost respect and are grateful for the journey together. Seriously, we're lucky we met in this endless and chaotic universe. That is why we value everyone we have the pleasure of meeting, working or having a coffee with.

#Passion #Responsibility

We don't believe in titles, we believe in responsibility.

We don't define our role or experience with some fancy title. We believe that everyone has areas that they love and are able to perform great in. We love to share our passion and our ideas, just as we appreciate any constructive criticism that supports us on our common path. Mutual respect guides our daily life and work.

#Diversity #Integrity

We love individuality and equal treatment.

Just as titles do not fit in our heads, we do not allow any form of inequality in our daily actions. We support all forms of individuality and encourage everyone to follow their ideas and visions.

Meet the Founders

A healthy mix of warmth and humanity, but also experience in a wide variety of areas, make us a unique team!


Cofounder - Product Owner


Cofounder - Sales & Management

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Our vision

We empower people by giving them the freedom to choose their ideal workplace.

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