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Streamline desk booking, optimize productivity, and create a harmonious work environment.

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Mega dedicated team, from the first contact to implementation!



With DeskNow you have full control over your working environment. Adapt your workplace to your needs and design it according to your personal style.

DeskNow is the key to taking your working world to the next level and getting the best out of you and your team.

Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! 🍋


Desk Sharing App

With DeskNow, you can make sure your team finds the right workspace in no time without wasting time searching. This way you can achieve your goals more efficiently and enjoy your work to the fullest. DeskNow is the solution for a smooth work environment that takes your creativity and collaboration to a new level.

Upgrade For Productivity! 💪


Desk Sharing software - business hours

With DeskNow you save time and money by streamlining the desk booking process. No more wasted time searching for available jobs or dealing with booking conflicts.
DeskNow gives you the freedom to focus on the essentials and get the most out of your workday.

Save Time & Cash🤑


DeskNow Dashboard - hybrid work

Take control of your office space with DeskNow. Efficiently book desks, gain valuable insights, and create a productive work environment. Try DeskNow now!

Top Features

Interactive Floorplan

Make bookings directly from an interactive digital floor plan.

AI-Powered Analytics

AI is the future, that's why DeskNow AI-supported analyzes your building data and suggests optimizations!

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31+ integrations for accounting, sensing, payment processing and more.


Enhance your workspace experience with DeskNow's Extras feature, offering convenient booking of additional services and seamless management.

Inventory Management

Efficiently manage and track your inventory with DeskNow's Inventory Management feature, streamlining your workspace organization with ease.

CRM & User Management

Effortlessly manage your employees with DeskNow's User Management feature, simplifying administration through seamless integration with Microsoft Azure AD.

DeskNow is clear and easy to understand, making it suitable for everyone. It's a great solution for us!



Used In Multiple Industries

Discover how DeskNow revolutionizes desk sharing across various industries. From coworking spaces and companies to hotels and property rentals, DeskNow is the trusted choice for seamless workspace management.

Coworking Spaces



Property Rentals

Available Integrations

Connect your workspace with powerful integrations from DeskNow and enhance your workspace experience. Effortlessly synchronize your preferred tools, platforms, and services to improve workflows, maximize productivity, and promote collaboration. from Calendar integrations like Google and Outlook to popular communication platforms like Microsoft Teams.

Elevate your work environment with DeskNow, a leader in meeting room software and desk sharing solutions. Embrace the era of hybrid work as we streamline collaboration, optimize resource sharing, and empower your team for unparalleled productivity. Revolutionize your workspace with DeskNow—where innovation meets efficiency.

Transforming Workspaces for Hybrid Success

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