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DeskNow's Setup Service offers a comprehensive setup of our desk booking and sharing software. This includes configuring floorplans, departments, and properties to ensure a seamless and efficient integration tailored to your company's needs.


€49/200 m²

Floorplan Conversion is DeskNow's customized solution for creating 2-D floor plans, available in addition to the standard list view. This innovative feature provides a clear view of your property by visually representing your spaces and simplifying navigation. You can see the availability of your spaces at a glance and easily book them. The best part? Send us your building floor plan, and we’ll take care of the rest! With DeskNow's Floorplan Conversion, managing your spaces has never been easier or more efficient.



DeskNow's white label solution is a customizable desk booking and sharing app for companies, designed to fit your corporate style. This app enables employees to easily find and book available workspaces, enhancing office efficiency and providing a cohesive, branded experience.



RoomNow - Display App is DeskNow's custom solution for room displays, seamlessly integrating with Outlook and Google Calendar. It shows real-time room availability on an Android panel, helping users easily find and book available meeting spaces.



DeskNow can integrate with the iLOQ Access System, allowing for seamless key and PIN distribution to users based on their bookings. This integration ensures secure and efficient access management, providing users with the necessary credentials automatically when they book a workspace. Enhance your office security and streamline access with DeskNow's iLOQ connectivity.

Ein glücklicher User und Nutzer von DeskNow, der die volle Funktionalität nutzt

Revolutionizing Desk Sharing for Modern Workspaces

Effortless Desk Sharing and Booking Solutions for Thriving Work Environments

The future of Workspace.

We offer a wide range of Workspace and facility management capabilities.

From desk sharing to room booking, location to employee management.

Whitelabel Solution

Use your branding on a customized landing page.

Space Management

Optimize usage and availability of rooms and spaces.

Social Presence

Display when and where you are booked on the floor plan.

Recurring Bookings

Easily set recurring bookings for regular schedules.

Real Estate Management

Efficiently manage your properties and locations centrally.

Personal Calendar Sync

Link your personal Outlook or Google calendar to DeskNow.

PIN Panel Access

Automated access control with secure PIN panels.

Outlook Integration

Seamlessly link your Outlook calendar with DeskNow.

Mobile Key Access

Secure and automated access through mobile devices.

DeskNow Visualizer: 
Floorplans at Your Fingertips

With DeskNow Visualizer, transform the way you manage and utilize office spaces. Easily map out your office layout, identify available desks, and optimize workspace allocation with real-time updates.

Beispiel eines Flurplans eines Unternehmens, um den Buchungsvorgang zu demonstrieren

Easy & Intuitve

powered by DeskNow

Seemless Integrations

Experience the next level of workplace efficiency with our innovative workspace and facility management solutions.

Our intuitive platform ensures a smooth and integrated experience, making your work environment more productive and connected than ever before.

better space 


savings onreal estate costs


increase in productivity & satisfaction


Benefits of Desk Sharing.

Unlock numerous workspace and facility management capabilities.

From efficient desk sharing and seamless room booking to comprehensive location and employee management.


Mega dedicated team, from the first contact to implementation!

Ein glücklicher Benutzer von DeskNow



DeskNow is clear and easy to understand, making it suitable for everyone. It's a great solution for us!

Eine zufriedene Nutzerin der Desk Sharing Solution



We have been using DeskNow for a few months now. The setup was quick and completely handled by the DeskNow team. We were able to get help quickly whenever we had questions.

Ein Mitarbeiter eines Unternehmens, welches DeskNow als Workplace-Management-Tool verwender



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Flexible Pricing for all Needs

Our tiered subscription plans match your needs and scale with your ambitions, offering value at every level.



50 Booking Licenses included

1 Admin License included

Additional Booking Licenses

€3 per additional License per Month

Additional Admin Licenses

€6 per additional License per Month



100 Booking Licenses included

2 Admin License included

Additional Booking Licenses

€2,80 per additional License per Month

Additional Admin Licenses

€4 per additional License per Month



500+ Booking Licenses included

6 Admin License included

Additional Booking Licenses

€2,30 per additional License per Month

Additional Admin Licenses

€4 per additional License per Month

Law firms

Tax offices


Energy and Building

Consulting Firms

IT and Tech Companies

Financial Services

Healthcare Administration

Real Estate Agencies

Who is DeskNow for?

In general DeskNow is for all businesses that want to imporve office and room utilization.

But for better references, here are the most common businesses that use Desknow Workspace Solutions.

Have a question?

Explore answers to your questions about

DeskNow in our FAQ section.

  • A1: DeskNow is a platform that facilitates desk sharing and booking for modern workspaces. It offers a range of workspace and facility management capabilities, including desk sharing, room booking, and employee management.

  • A2: To book a workspace, log in to your DeskNow account, search for available spaces, select your preferred option, and follow the booking process to confirm your reservation.

  • A3: DeskNow offers three subscription plans:

    Micro Pack: €149/month, includes 50 booking licenses and 1 admin license.
    Mega Pack: €298/month, includes 100 booking licenses and 2 admin licenses.
    Giga Pack: Custom pricing, includes 500+ booking licenses and 6 admin licenses.
    Additional licenses can be purchased for each plan.

  • A4: Yes, you can cancel or modify your booking through your DeskNow account. Please refer to the cancellation policy for specific details on fees and timelines.

  • A5: DeskNow offers various workspaces including desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces.

  • A6: DeskNow provides tools for comprehensive location and employee management, ensuring seamless workspace operations.

  • A7: Yes, DeskNow is available on mobile for both Android and iOS devices. It is also accessible through the Teams Marketplace.

Official Affiliate Program

Earn extra Revenue by recommending DeskNow to Business Partners.

As a valued member of DeskNow enjoy a juicy

life-time commission ranging from 15% - 40%.

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