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 Exclusive B2B SaaS  Affiliate Program

Up to   40% Revenue 

Collaborate with leading industry players through our exclusive affiliate program. Maximize your potential earnings with up to 80% of the revenue generated from our high-performing B2B SaaS solutions.


Attracted customers






Paid last Month

Pay per Lead

Discover DeskNow's versatile compensation models, maximizing earnings with rates up to €7 per lead or tailored terms to align with your affiliate goals.

High-converting brands

Partner with DeskNow's renowned Prop-Tech solutions for lucrative opportunities. Promote cutting-edge features like Smart Workspaces and Advanced Facility Management to maximize affiliate earnings.

Up to 40% Revenue share for life

Unlock unmatched revenue potential with DeskNow's affiliate program, directly tied to your active customers' performance. Enjoy a competitive share of up to 80%, ensuring substantial financial rewards for your efforts.

Revenue Share and PPL in one account

DeskNow seamlessly combines Revenue Share and PPL (Pay Per Lead) in one account for affiliate success. Manage both models conveniently on a centralized platform, simplifying your affiliate journey.

Sponsorship payments

DeskNow revolutionizes with Unified Sponsorship Payments, simplifying your affiliate revenue stream for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

Weekly Payouts

Get instant payouts to your account balance with DeskNow's seamless system, allowing daily withdrawals for maximum convenience.

Striking on-demand creatives

We offer an ever-growing base of high-quality promo materials for any ad format, and always ready to create an individual promo at your request

Parties, trips, and gifts for top‑performers

Embrace our straightforward motto at DeskNow: Experience the quality service you deserve.


Professional support and in‑depth analytics

DeskNow promises two-fold excellence: professional support and in-depth analytics for your utmost satisfaction.

Earn like a boss

be treated like a VIP

Choose a preferred payment method and receive your earnings by request, whenever you wish

But that’s not all

We offer an ever-growing base of high-quality promo materials.

Whether you need a mobile landing page or a video — we got them for you.

wide range of promos

Monitor your campaigns with precise statistics in real time. Increase your revenue with a data-driven strategy.

Detailed statistics

Controlled Campaigns

Bring potential customers to a specific page on the advertiser's website via your referral link. 

Deeplink generator

Track any event in real-time

Become Partner and Top Performer today!

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