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DeskNow Closes Financing Round in the Amount of 1.2 Million Euros

The company plans to use the money to expand its workspace management tool.

DeskNow co-founders Marius Jarzyna, Pavel Schwindt, and Mike Lepcsik

The start-up DeskNow, based in Reken in North Rhine-Westphalia, offers a workspace management tool for companies and coworking spaces. With it, the company aims to digitize the booking and management of workspaces. Now the company has landed its first investment of 1.2 million euros.

The round is led by Thomas Schmidt's company Be10x. The latter recently invested in the Aachen-based start-up Droiddrive(/news/earlybird-invests-offenbar-in-droiddrive/). Also involved was business angel Carsten Buttler and another investor whose name has not yet been disclosed. The investment is to be used to expand the company's marketing and sales area and to further develop the product. In the future, other functions related to the workplace and employees in the office are to be added.

Founder Marius Jarzyna explains why his company's work is especially important in Corona times: "The investment allows us to use the momentum and push our growth beyond Germany's borders." The pandemic, he says, has painfully taught many organizations "that the workplace no longer exists only in one's own office, but has become mobile and flexible. This is exactly where we come in and show companies how they can use our software to bring employees back, offer them new opportunities and increase employer branding at the same time." Thomas Schmidt is also sure: "DeskNow meets the ravages of time. Flexible working is on everyone's lips." Carsten Buttler adds: "DeskNow comes at exactly the right time for companies to accompany them into the New Work era."

DeskNow was founded in 2020 during the Corona pandemic. The company aims to bring workspace subletting into the digital age. To do so, DeskNow offers free software to sublease available office and other space. It wants to offer a workspace management system, a desk and room booking system, a secure access solution, and a marketplace for extra or unused space.

*This story was originally written and posted by Felix Leitmeyer at Startbase Magazine

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