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DeskNow Success Stories with Carina

"DeskNow is clearly understandable and easy to use for everyone. A super solution for us!"

We spoke with Carina of A-SAFE and this is what she had to say around her experience with DeskNow.

What do you like best about DeskNow?

“We like to use new systems and support startups. But it was important to us that the handling is as simple as possible. And that's it with DeskNow! For each of our employees it is clearly understandable and easy to use! (whether via app or online) We like the flexibility best! This way, employees can also book a place for just a few hours and at the same time we have a good overview of the booked or unbooked workstations - for us, DeskNow is a great solution!”

What problems did DeskNow help you solve?

“Before we used DeskNow, each employee had his or her own fixed workstation. However, as we grew rapidly and no longer had enough space for each employee, we wanted to solve this with DeskNow. Now we can flexibly provide each employee with a workstation and at the same time make the best use of our available space.”

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