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My Way to Remote Work and DeskNow

Remote work is a growing topic, independent of the pandemic, which has been accompanying me for some time now. However, in order to find a suitable introduction, I have to elaborate a bit.

I'm Nico, 23 years old, and I'll soon be completing my bachelor's degree in business, specializing in marketing. The first time I came into contact with the term "remote work" or "home office" was through social media and the thought that arises from this is, to what extent does working in stationery offices make sense at all. For me, the primary attraction of remote work is the fact that I no longer have to travel to work and the more flexible working hours. This also means that the question of the company's location no longer plays a role. For me, this is a fundamental advantage, because I never wanted to limit myself in my career choice and always wanted to plan my daily life as flexibly and as independently as possible, regardless of where the company is located and/or where I currently live or work.

Keyword: location. How can I organize my life freely if I can only travel on weekends, vacations, or vacation days and then have to return after the free time to work in the same office? For me personally, it was a condition I wanted to avoid.

Through my studies or rather the pandemic, I finally came into contact with working from home, because, as you may know, circumstances did not allow me to attend university in my presence. So for me, it was the perfect introduction to the subject and the reason why remote work has become enormously important to me in choosing a job.

I would also like to mention that I also know the other side of the coin and recently worked in a company where remote work was not a big issue. I was dissatisfied and I was aware that this was one of the reasons why I did not want to pursue this activity in the long term.

Driven by my studies, a requirement for graduation is the implementation of a practical phase or an internship in a company, with reference to the study subject of my Bachelor's. For this reason, I came into contact with DeskNow. However, they were not directly looking for an intern, but for someone who could immediately strengthen the marketing team.

In the end, I decided to apply for this job and to take the step, because the whole concept of a young company appealed to me and I saw a great perspective, with the prospect of finding a job after my studies that would meet my personal requirements.

Now I've been working here since the end of December and, apart from my studies, I've been able to gain further experience with remote work in the first few weeks and would like to share this with you.

Currently, I am employed as a part-time working student, which means working 20 hours a week. Divided over the normal weekdays, that means four hours a day. How I distribute these working hours over the days is not particularly important. The focus is on productivity and teamwork. We have two to three meetings a week, which we hold in digital form and talk through to-dos, as well as impressions and opinions. These meetings are the only fixed time frame I have to adhere to, but they are also a logical matter of course for me. Because no matter where my team or I are at the moment, we can only accomplish big tasks together, and therefore contact and exchange are enormously important.

For me, productivity and effective work are not necessarily dependent on location, but much more on the satisfaction of the employees, which is why we can choose and design our "office" ourselves. We can create a working environment that suits us and initiate the desired changes ourselves. This is a condition I would not like to miss anymore and I would like to emphasize that I am grateful for the opportunity and the trust DeskNow offers me.

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