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The future of work: hybrid working models and their advantages

In recent years, the way we work has changed dramatically. Hybrid working models, which offer a combination of remote and office work, are becoming increasingly popular. But what makes them so attractive?

Advantages of hybrid working models

  1. Flexibility: Employees can choose when and where they work, which leads to a better work-life balance.

  2. Cost savings: Less office space means lower operating costs.

  3. Productivity: Many studies show that flexible working models can increase productivity.

How DeskNow helps

With tools like DeskNow, companies can manage their hybrid working models efficiently. Our desk sharing software makes it easy to book and optimise the use of workspaces. DeskNow offers a variety of features, including:

  • Interactive floor plan: Employees can book workstations directly via a digital corridor plan, making it much easier to find and manage workstations.

  • AI-supported analyses: Our software analyses building data and suggests optimisations to maximise the use of resources.

  • Tool integration: With over 31 integrations, including Google, Outlook and Microsoft Teams, office collaboration and communication is enhanced.

By using DeskNow, organisations can increase the efficiency of their office administration, avoid booking conflicts and create a productive working environment. Our solution adapts to the individual needs of each organisation and helps you get the most out of your hybrid working model.


Hybrid working models are the future. With the right technology such as DeskNow, companies can successfully shape this transformation and maximise the productivity of their employees.

Call to Action

Interested in more efficient office management? Try DeskNow and experience the benefits of our desk sharing software for yourself. Book a free demo now and get started in the future of work!

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