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Desk Sharing Software

Welcome to the Future of Workspace Collaboration

What is Desk Sharing Software

In an ever-evolving work landscape, DeskNow's Desk Sharing Software stands as a beacon of innovation, creating a dynamic and collaborative environment for modern professionals. Traditional, static workspaces are a thing of the past, and our Desk Sharing Software represents a transformative approach to how we perceive and utilize our workstations.

Key Features:

DeskNow's Desk Sharing Software redefines the traditional office setup by championing flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency. It introduces the concept of shared workspaces where individuals or teams can access a common pool of resources, fostering a vibrant ecosystem that encourages interaction and creativity.

1. Flexibility in Action

Embrace a work environment that adapts to your needs. The Shared Desk Concept allows you to choose your workspace based on your tasks for the day, whether it's a quiet corner for focused work or an open area for collaborative projects.

2. Enhanced Collaboration

Break down silos and cultivate teamwork. Shared desks bring professionals from diverse disciplines together, fostering spontaneous collaboration and idea-sharing. The result? A more innovative and dynamic work culture.

3. Resource Optimization

Say goodbye to underutilized office space. The Shared Desk Concept optimizes real estate by ensuring that workstations are utilized efficiently. This not only reduces costs but also promotes a sustainable approach to workspace management.

4. Hybrid Work Solutions

Seamlessly integrate remote and in-office work. The Shared Desk Concept supports the hybrid work model, providing the flexibility for employees to choose where and how they work. This adaptability is crucial in the ever-evolving landscape of modern work.

Increased Productivity

By offering a variety of work settings, the Shared Desk Concept empowers individuals to choose environments that enhance their productivity, leading to more focused and efficient workdays.

Employee Satisfaction

Fostering a collaborative and flexible work culture contributes to higher job satisfaction. Employees appreciate the autonomy to select workspaces that suit their preferences and tasks.


Optimize your office space and reduce overhead costs. The Shared Desk Concept ensures that each square foot of your workspace is utilized effectively, translating into tangible cost savings.

Innovation Hub

Break away from the monotony of traditional office setups. The Shared Desk Concept transforms your workspace into an innovation hub, where the free flow of ideas and collaboration becomes the norm.

Benefits of Embracing the Shared Desk Concept

How to Implement Desk Sharing

In embracing DeskNow's Desk Sharing Software, you're not just reimagining your workspace; you're ushering in a new era of productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction. Join the movement towards a more dynamic and efficient work environment—where the desk is not just a place to work but a catalyst for innovation and creativity.

Design Thinking

Work with architects and designers to create a workspace that reflects the ethos of the Shared Desk Concept. Consider factors like lighting, acoustics, and ergonomic furniture to enhance the overall experience.

Technology Integration

Leverage technology to streamline desk booking, monitor space utilization, and facilitate communication among employees. A well-integrated digital platform enhances the effectiveness of the Shared Desk Concept.

Employee Training

Introduce employees to the benefits and functionality of the Shared Desk Concept through comprehensive training programs. Encourage a mindset shift towards collaborative and flexible work practices.

Available Integrations

Connect your workspace with powerful integrations from DeskNow and enhance your workspace experience. Effortlessly synchronize your preferred tools, platforms, and services to improve workflows, maximize productivity, and promote collaboration. from Calendar integrations like Google and Outlook to popular communication platforms like Microsoft Teams.

Take control of your office space with DeskNow. Efficiently book desks, gain valuable insights, and create a productive work environment. Try DeskNow now!

Top Features

Interactive Floorplan

Make bookings directly from an interactive digital floor plan.

AI-Powered Analytics

AI is the future, that's why DeskNow AI-supported analyzes your building data and suggests optimizations!

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31+ integrations for accounting, sensing, payment processing and more.


Enhance your workspace experience with DeskNow's Extras feature, offering convenient booking of additional services and seamless management.

Inventory Management

Efficiently manage and track your inventory with DeskNow's Inventory Management feature, streamlining your workspace organization with ease.

CRM & User Management

Effortlessly manage your employees with DeskNow's User Management feature, simplifying administration through seamless integration with Microsoft Azure AD.

DeskNow is clear and easy to understand, making it suitable for everyone. It's a great solution for us!



Used In Multiple Industries

Discover how DeskNow revolutionizes desk sharing across various industries. From coworking spaces and companies to hotels and property rentals, DeskNow is the trusted choice for seamless workspace management.

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Property Rentals

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