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Adding Coworkers to Your Booking on DeskNow

Facilitating collaboration among colleagues within the DeskNow booking system is a seamless process that empowers users to extend invitations to their peers, thereby enhancing the collaborative aspect of reservations. Although the initiation of a booking rests with a single user, the capability to include additional coworkers is contingent upon the predetermined capacity of the designated workspace. For instance, if a meeting room reservation is made for a single occupant but the capacity permits additional attendees, it is possible to extend invitations to multiple coworkers. It is imperative to note that coworker invitations can only be extended once the booking has been confirmed.

To seamlessly incorporate coworkers into your booking, adhere to the following procedural steps:

  1. Access the DeskNow platform: Navigate to and log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to My Bookings: Click on your name located in the top-right corner of the page. Subsequently, select "My Bookings" from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select the Desired Booking: On the ensuing page, on the left-hand side, identify the specific booking to which you intend to add coworkers and click on it.

  4. Access Booking Information: On the right-hand side, pertinent information about the booking, along with two buttons, will be displayed.

  5. Initiate Invitation Process: Click on the left button denoted as "Invite." This action triggers a pop-up window.

  6. Specify Space and Invite Coworkers: Within the pop-up window, choose the space for which you wish to invite coworkers. Subsequently, enter the email addresses of the coworkers you wish to invite. While it is advantageous if these coworkers possess DeskNow accounts, such credentials are not mandatory.

  7. Submit Invitations: After entering the requisite email addresses, click on the "Invite" button located at the bottom-right corner of the window.

  8. Confirmation Email to Coworkers: Invited coworkers will receive an email containing an invitation to join the booking. The email will include an "Accept Invitation" button.

  9. Acceptance and Reservation Inclusion: Upon clicking "Accept Invitation," coworkers are officially incorporated into the booking, solidifying their status as part of the reservation.

By diligently following these procedural steps, users can effortlessly integrate coworkers into their DeskNow bookings, fostering collaboration and optimizing the utility of reserved spaces. We extend our best wishes for a productive booking experience!

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