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How does the "Business Hours” Feature Work?

We are delighted to introduce our latest feature, "Business Hours," designed to enhance the efficiency of your workspace booking experience.

With the implementation of "Business Hours," accessing the opening and closing times of our workspaces is now effortlessly at your fingertips. This feature is strategically crafted to ensure that your bookings align seamlessly with the designated time frames, offering a heightened sense of clarity and convenience throughout the process.

To leverage this feature, initiate the booking process as you normally would. Choose your desired workspace and proceed to the section where you select dates and hours. It is essential to note that these selections must fall within the established Business Hours, meticulously set by the Workspace administrator. Once your preferences are set, simply click on "Book now" to finalize the booking in the customary manner.

For those planning extended bookings spanning multiple days, rest assured. Our recurring booking system allows you to maintain flexibility by effortlessly selecting the desired dates and hours, all while adhering to the Business Hours framework.

"Business Hours" stands as a testament to our commitment to simplifying your workspace reservations, thereby elevating the overall booking process to new levels of efficiency and seamlessness.

Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to ensure your experience is both smooth and productive.

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