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Q1 2024 - News, Updates & Release Notes

DeskNow Release Notes: Q1 2024

Dear DeskNow Community,

As we embark on a new year, we are delighted to bring forth another wave of innovative updates in our Q1 2024 release, aiming to enrich your workspace journey further. This quarter's enhancements refine user experience, expand collaborative capabilities, and deliver cutting-edge analytics to empower your workspace decisions. Join us on this exciting journey as we unveil the latest features designed to elevate and optimize your DeskNow experience throughout the coming months.

1. Pagination Enhancement for Synchronous Navigation:

Ensured seamless navigation by updating the pagination, displaying the current page and the number of elements synchronously throughout the app.


  • Improved user experience with synchronized pagination.

  • Enhanced visibility of the current page and the number of elements.

  • Streamlined navigation for a more efficient app interaction.

2. Day-wise Pricing Feature and Backend Optimization:

Introduced day-wise pricing features, optimizing the backend to accommodate these changes. Implemented across Vendor Dashboard and Space Details for enhanced flexibility.


  • Added day-wise pricing features for increased pricing flexibility.

  • Optimized backend to efficiently handle day-wise changes.

  • Extended features to both Vendor Dashboard and Space Details.

3. Favourite and Wishlist Enhancements:

Facilitated user engagement by adding a "favourite" option on tour detail pages and implementing changes on the wishlist page for a more personalized experience.


  • Users can now mark spaces as favourites directly from tour detail pages.

  • Improved wishlist functionality for a more tailored user experience.

  • Enhanced user engagement through personalized features.

4. Rating Corrections on Tour Listings:

Corrected rating inconsistencies on tour listings and tour listing details, ensuring accurate and reliable information for users.


  • Addressed and rectified rating discrepancies on tour listings.

  • Improved reliability of rating information for users.

  • Ensured accurate representation of tour ratings.

5. Chat Functionality for User-Host Communication:

Introduced a simple chat function enabling seamless communication between users and hosts. Users and hosts can view and respond to inquiries directly through the app.


  • Added a chat function for real-time communication between users and hosts.

  • Streamlined the inquiry process for improved user-host interactions.

  • Enhanced user and host experience through integrated communication.

6. Client Project: Customized Booking Application for LaimLight:

The development of a customized clone of the booking application for client LaimLight. This tailored solution allows LaimLight to seamlessly integrate and manage its unique properties within the application.


  • Created a customized booking application for client LaimLight.

  • Enables seamless integration and management of unique properties.

  • Tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of the client.

7. Host Dashboard Feature Additions:

Enhanced the Host Dashboard by adding features such as managing food menus, viewing user food order details, and downloading food-related documents.


  • Added functionality for hosts to manage food menus.

  • Provided hosts with access to detailed user food order information.

  • Enabled hosts to download food-related kitchen Q/T documents.

8. Booking System Upgrades:

Implemented new features in the booking system, including the ability for users to add food products to their cart and place orders, visible on the host orders page.


  • Users can now add food products to their cart for a streamlined booking experience.

  • Introduced a feature allowing users to place food orders, visible to hosts in the orders page.

9. Ongoing Development: Date Selection, Backend Integration, and Add-ons:

Continued development efforts include adding date selection functionality, backend integration for storing dates, enhanced availability display for food details, and adding add-ons.


  • Ongoing work on enabling users to select "from" and "to" dates.

  • Implementation of backend functionality for storing selected dates.

  • Additional features, such as enhanced food availability and add-ons in progress.

10. Upgrading AWS SDK to Version 3:

Our focus was on enhancing the infrastructure of Desk-Now 2.0 by upgrading our AWS SDK from version 2 to version 3. This strategic move ensures that our platform is equipped with the latest tools for optimal performance.



  • Enhanced AWS Compatibility: Version 3 of the AWS SDK provides improved compatibility with the latest Amazon Web Services, ensuring seamless integration.

  • Performance Optimization: The upgrade contributes to better performance, offering a more responsive and reliable experience for users.

  • Future-Proofing: By staying up-to-date with AWS SDK versions, DeskNow is better positioned for future AWS enhancements and features.


11. Image Compression for Storage Optimization:

In a bid to optimize storage costs for our booking app on Amazon S3, we integrated a robust image compression solution into the image uploading process.



  • Cost-Efficient Storage: Image compression results in reduced storage requirements, translating to cost savings for both DeskNow and our users.

  • Maintained Image Quality: Despite compression, we ensured that the visual quality of uploaded images remains intact.

  • Improved Load Times: Compressed images contribute to faster load times, enhancing the overall user experience.



12. UI Changes for Laimlight Project:

Addressing the specific UI requirements outlined by our client for the Laimlight project, we implemented changes to ensure a visually cohesive and user-friendly interface.



  • Client-Centric Design: The UI changes align precisely with the specifications provided by Laimlight, reflecting our commitment to meeting client expectations.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The new UI enhancements aim to improve the overall aesthetics of the Laimlight project, providing a more visually appealing experience.

  • Usability Improvements: Changes were made to enhance the usability of the Laimlight application, promoting seamless user interaction.



13. Seamless Host Onboarding with Subscription Integration:

Dedicating time to facilitate the seamless onboarding of hosts onto the DeskNow product, we worked on integrating subscription plans. This initiative is part of an ongoing effort to enhance the host experience.



  • Subscription Integration: Hosts can now seamlessly onboard onto DeskNow through subscription plans, offering them a hassle-free experience.

  • API Implementation: Multiple APIs were successfully implemented to streamline the integration process, paving the way for a robust subscription mechanism.

  • Ongoing Enhancements: While this is a significant step, the process is still ongoing, with additional features and improvements in the pipeline.

14. Enhanced iLoq Feature for Key Distribution:

Introducing a groundbreaking update to our iLoq integration, we've refined the key distribution process within the booking system. Now, instead of sending keys immediately upon booking confirmation, keys are dispatched only when the booking is scheduled to commence within the next 5 minutes. This ensures optimal user convenience and security.



  • Optimized Key Distribution: Users now receive keys precisely when needed, enhancing security and streamlining access to booked rooms.

  • Improved User Experience: With timely key delivery, users have ample time to register the key and access their reserved space hassle-free.

  • Enhanced Security Measures: This update bolsters security by reducing the window of vulnerability associated with key transmission, ensuring a more secure booking experience.



15. Revamped UI for Host Dashboard:

We're excited to unveil a fresh and modernized user interface for our host dashboard, offering hosts a refined and intuitive experience. Explore the revamped dashboard firsthand at



  • New Interface Design: The host dashboard now boasts a sleek and user-friendly design, enhancing overall aesthetics and usability.

  • Enhanced Navigation: Intuitive navigation elements have been implemented to streamline host interaction and task management.

  • Improved Functionality: Alongside the visual overhaul, the dashboard's functionality has been optimized for enhanced performance and efficiency.



16. Security Enhancements and Issue Resolution:

We've implemented several measures to fortify our system's integrity by addressing critical security concerns. Firstly, we resolved a security issue related to property deletion for hosts. Additionally, we mitigated a key exposure concern from AWS, ensuring all services operate smoothly and securely.



  • Host Property Deletion Security: Our system now incorporates enhanced safeguards to prevent unauthorized property deletion, bolstering overall security measures.

  • AWS Key Exposure Resolution: Following thorough resolution efforts, we successfully addressed a key exposure concern flagged by AWS, ensuring comprehensive security compliance.

  • Sustained Operational Integrity: With these security enhancements in place, DeskNow continues to operate at peak performance, delivering a secure and reliable experience for all users.

17. Enhanced Pricing Flow for Daywise Pricing:

Introducing a dynamic pricing flow that showcases daywise pricing, providing users with transparent and flexible booking options tailored to their specific needs.



  • Transparent Pricing: Users now have visibility into daywise pricing, enabling informed booking decisions based on their preferred dates.

  • Flexible Booking Options: The new pricing flow offers increased flexibility, allowing users to select booking periods that align with their schedules.

  • Enhanced User Experience: With clear and customizable pricing options, users can enjoy a seamless booking experience tailored to their preferences.


18. Marketplace Pricing Corrections:

We've rectified pricing discrepancies on our marketplace, ensuring accurate and consistent pricing information for all listed spaces.



  • Price Accuracy: Marketplace pricing has been meticulously reviewed and corrected to reflect accurate rates for listed spaces.

  • Consistent Pricing: Users can now trust that the pricing displayed on the marketplace aligns with the actual rates, fostering transparency and trust.

  • Improved User Confidence: With corrected pricing, users can confidently browse and book spaces without concerns about pricing accuracy.



19. Enhanced Backend Validation for Space Names:

In a proactive security measure, we've implemented strict validation protocols in the backend to ensure that space names adhere to specific character requirements, enhancing data integrity and security.



  • Data Integrity Measures: Backend validation safeguards against unauthorized characters in space names, preserving data integrity and system security.

  • Enhanced Security: By enforcing validation rules, we mitigate the risk of potential security vulnerabilities associated with improper data input.

  • Optimized User Experience: Users can interact with the platform confidently, knowing that data integrity measures are in place to protect their information.



20. Temporary User Deletion Feature:

To empower hosts and users with greater control over their accounts, we've introduced a temporary user deletion feature, allowing hosts and users to temporarily deactivate their accounts as needed.



  • Flexible Account Management: Users now have the option to temporarily deactivate their accounts, providing greater flexibility and control over their online presence.

  • Privacy and Security: The temporary user deletion feature enhances privacy and security by allowing users to take proactive measures to safeguard their accounts.

  • Convenient Account Management: Hosts and users can easily manage their account status, ensuring a hassle-free experience when taking temporary breaks from the platform.

21. Enhanced Membership Module with Exclusive Benefits:

The membership module was upgraded, allowing vendors to designate regular customers for exclusive benefits, granting them discounted access to featured spaces. This enhancement fosters stronger customer loyalty, with comprehensive email notifications ensuring seamless communication and accessibility to exclusive benefits.


  • Exclusive Membership Benefits: Vendors can designate regular customers for discounted access to featured spaces, enhancing loyalty.

  • Comprehensive Module: The implementation includes intuitive tools for effectively managing designated customers and benefits.

  • Seamless Communication: Automated email notifications inform users and vendors about exclusive benefits.

22. Refinement of iLoq Implementation in Booking System:

Significant refinements were made to the iLoq implementation, addressing minor bugs and optimizing user experience. Improvements include verifying the correct URL for user redirection from email notifications enhancing overall functionality and reliability.


  • Bug Fixes and Optimization: Addressed minor bugs for a smoother user experience.

  • URL Verification: Ensured correct URL for user redirection from email notifications.

  • Improved Functionality: Refinements enhance the overall performance of the booking system.

23. Optimization of Co-Host Flow for Desk Managers: 

The co-host flow for desk managers underwent optimization, eliminating country, state, and city dependencies when adding new co-hosts for administrators. This optimization streamlines the process, reducing complexity and enhancing user experience for desk managers.


  • Dependency Elimination: Remove country, state, and city dependencies to streamline the co-host addition process.

  • Simplified Workflow: Enhance user experience for desk managers by simplifying the co-host flow.

  • Improved Efficiency: Optimization reduces complexity and improves efficiency for administrators in managing co-hosts.

24. Development of Vendor Subscription Model:

Significant progress was made in developing a subscription model tailored for our vendors, focusing on automating onboarding and billing processes. This initiative aims to streamline vendor management and enhance revenue generation opportunities. While the subscription model is still in progress, the groundwork laid promises efficient and automated workflows for vendors.


  • Automated Onboarding: Simplify the onboarding process for vendors through automated workflows.

  • Billing Automation: Implement automated billing processes to ensure seamless transactions for vendors.

  • Streamlined Management: Enhance vendor management efficiency through the subscription model's comprehensive features.

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