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DeskNow Success Stories with Antonella

"From the beginning the support has been there and I have been helped with every issue. The communication is just WOW - Help me find a solution and not create more problems."

We spoke with Antonella an Office Manager from Recogni and this is what she had to say around her experience with DeskNow.

What do you like best about DeskNow?

"Each of our employees can use DeskNow easily and flexibly. Whether by smartphone via app on the go or by teams on the desktop. As an admin, I have a precise overview of the booked spaces and can thus better structure and plan the workdays."

What problems did DeskNow help you solve?

"Planning the best possible utilization of our workstations has become much easier with DeskNow. We can plan each day individually, as we can see who or how many employees have booked in for that day. This also allows us to better structure our workflows."

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