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How to Import Multiple Employees in DeskManager

With DeskManager, you can easily import multiple employees, saving time and simplifying the integration process. Follow the steps below to import employees into DeskManager seamlessly.

To begin, access DeskManager platform and navigate to the dashboard. From there, click on the "Employees" option in the left-hand menu, and select "All Employees" from the dropdown menu.

On the "All Employees" page, you will find a green "Import Employees" button located in the top right corner. Clicking on this button will open a pop-up window that allows you to proceed with the employee import process.

Within the pop-up window, you can download an Excel template by clicking on the "Download sample" link. This template serves as a guide for organizing the employee information.

Once you have downloaded the Excel template, open it and enter the necessary details for each employee. Typically, you will be required to provide their names and email addresses. Save the file after entering all the relevant information.

Return to the import window in DeskManager, and click on the "Browse" button. This allows you to locate the saved Excel file on your computer. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the file into the import window.

Lastly, choose the appropriate department to which you want to assign the imported employees. This step ensures that they are properly categorized within your office management system.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported multiple employees into DeskManager. They are now seamlessly integrated into your office management system, allowing for efficient operations and streamlined workspace bookings.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, our support team is readily available to help you.

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