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Safety In The Workplace: What It Means To Us

Safety is a very important factor in an office and, according to the 45001 ISO norm, this is even one of the factors that, nowadays, can decide the survival of a company or its doom.

Furthermore, thinking about risk prevention is a must, because as a company it’s on top of the priority list to protect and prevent risks from affecting stakeholders. These risks can go from physical, psychosocial, and digital hazards, and measures must be taken to the extent each company deems appropriate.

People that work in a company and customers trust the entity to make the proper decisions and create processes and procedures to prevent events that might cause harm to them, and especially after everything that was lived in the last years with the pandemic, the feeling of being safe has become a very openly discussed topic for all industries and a number one concern for most.

Safety issues can vary from one place to another, because it´s clear that we cannot compare the safety risks in a construction site with the ones of a co working space, so the way we act to protect our people means we must deeply understand their specific needs and concerns.

As a service provider, the safety of our customers is an essential part of how we work and here are some examples of what customer safety looks like for #TeamDeskNow

1. Secure Access Systems

Working in collaboration with iLOQ, DeskNow enables easy management of access to buildings, rooms, or cabinets. The maintenance-free and battery-free locking system can be unlocked via NFC from your smartphone.

This is a very complete way of protecting everyone since only the person with the key downloaded to their smartphone can have access, as well as protecting the property.

2. Data Protection

We make sure that the information provided to us is not transmitted to third parties, We keep focus on the detailed collection of utilization data to provide the insights that each customer needs, making sure that the information provided to us is safe is top priority.

3. Real Time Payment

Payment is always a very important topic, since taking care of the money in the transactions is crucial to a trustful and smooth relationship with our customers and we make sure with us you are able to receive direct bookings and payments, as well as automated invoicing and settlement.

All in all, a platform that deals with workspaces means we have to take care of the people that trust us with their spaces and information, and we are here for it!

Are there other ways you consider critical when it comes to safety?

Let us know!

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