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How the Traditional Workplace is Nowhere to be Found

How to embrace the changes in the modern workplace and provide the optimal environment for everyone

Traditional office cubicles

As everything changes over time, so does the workplace. Today we’ve seen many fascinating technological advances happen and the impact it has on day to day life. So, why wouldn’t this make an impact on our daily work life?

I was recently inspired after reading a study that Loom had published about working from home and hybrid work. They found that over 90% of respondents, including employees and managers, are satisfied with working from home or working in a hybrid environment. Even more so they found that of people surveyed, 47% believe they find themselves more productive in a hybrid working environment.

I believe these numbers further prove the fact that times are changing and it’s important to measure the effectiveness of our current routines. Below are some ideas on how to stay up to date with your working environment.

Communication is key

In today’s environment, there tends to be more of a flat organizational structure over a hierarchical one. The United States just experienced and are still feeling the effects of the Great Resignation and the main cause of this was attributed to “burn out.” To prevent this from happening in your company, communication is key.

Even if you weren’t thinking about the current work environment or changing it, now is a great time to find out how everyone within the company is feeling about it.

To do this you can ask team leaders to talk with their team or send out questionnaires including questions like: What would you like to see in the workplace? What are you currently happy with? Is there anything you think could be done better? If you could make a change in the company that would bring you the most happiness/ satisfaction what would that be? What does your ideal workplace look like?

After this step it would be important to choose someone to work through the responses and find any commonalities to share. You can make a presentation with results or you can simply share them and start a brainstorming session.

When change is being made, no matter how big or small, communication is of the highest importance. Whatever direction you may decide to lead your company or team in, the changes and expectations must be clear from the beginning. It’s also important to note that changes may come with complications and that’s okay, as long as those complications are communicated.

It’s also important to note that everyone should feel empowered to share their feelings at any time, even after the change has been implemented, and feel supported. Burnout can appear different in people, so having the support in place to allow someone to feel heard is necessary.

The strength of technology

From the same Loom study, they also mention most of the respondents were satisfied with their at-home technology stack but also that it could use some improvement. Furthermore, if this technology were improved that they felt they would be more productive.

The point of this is to find what type of technology or software best fits the company’s goals and make changes feel seamless. For example, if the company is wanting to switch to a hybrid work environment then they could invest in technology that allows them keep up with who’s in the office at which particular time or how many spaces may be possible to rent out for the time.

With technology like DeskNow DeskManager you can use real time data to manage and evaluate your spaces. There are a lot of possibilities with this platform!

To still allow room for freedom in the office part of the hybrid environment, your employees can use the platform to mark which space they will be needing for what date and time, like the desk for the day or the large meeting room for the team for a few hours.

If you are thinking about moving to a hybrid work environment and are interested in DeskNow DeskManager, or just want to find out more on how it can help, feel free to reach out to us!

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