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The Power of Food

Why have food in the workplace?

There’s an impressive number of perks related to having a food service in workplaces that go from an increase of productivity, to benefits to corporate culture.

Having catering services in the workplace has become a very popular characteristic in companies all over the world, not only because it can be a very attractive extra that employees enjoy, but also because it can be perceived as a monetary benefit after some time.

Improving productivity and time management

Many employees waste a lot of time finding somewhere to eat, or they decide to skip lunch breaks which can be detrimental for their productivity, however, offering a flexible and comfortable space to eat in their own office can help them avoid skipping their lunch break, while also benefiting the corporate culture bringing employees together, making them feel taken care of, and improving time management within the company. The company may also help them improve their eating habits by offering healthy options (which has shown in many different researches and surveys makes employees happier), in multicultural offices having international dishes is also appreciated by employees and allows culture awareness to take place.

Better eating habits make happier employees

So why not starting the year adding extra services in your workplace while getting the analytics to see how they are working?

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